Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust sells apartment building for $3.4M  
  Lanesborough selling 50-suite townhouse in Yellowknife for $11.2 million  
  Silent boom takes root in oil sands: From retreat to rebound in one year  
  Lanesborough sells apt block for $6.6 Million  
  Lanesborough selling McIvor Mall for $11.2 million  
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Earl S. Coleman


Earl Coleman held a series of leadership positions with Big Freight Systems Inc., a leader in the open deck transportation marketplace. Mr. Coleman was President of Big Freight Systems Inc. from October 2006 until April 2013.

Mr. Coleman has been a Trustee of Lanesborough since its inception on April 23, 2002 and is currently Chairman of the Governance, Compensation & Nominating Committee and member of the Audit Committee. Mr. Coleman’s experience with publicly traded companies includes a position as Chairman and a Director of Spider Resources from September 1999 to July 2010, prior to its acquisition by a Canadian subsidiary of Cliff’s Natural Resources. Mr. Coleman was also a Director of One Contact, a TSV listed company, and CFO of Industrial Growth, a Manitoba Capital Pool company.

Mr. Coleman is the Past President of the Manitoba Trucking Association.