Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust (“LREIT”) is an unincorporated closed-end real estate investment trust created to invest primarily in a portfolio of retail, residential, industrial and office properties located across Canada.

The main objectives of LREIT are as follows:

  1. To provide Unitholders with stable and growing cash distributions, payable monthly and to the maximum extent reasonably possible, tax deferred; and

  2. To maximize unit value through ongoing active management of the assets of LREIT, the acquisition of additional properties or interests therein and the financing of new developments.


The focus of LREIT is to invest in quality properties with strong tenants in markets across Canada to produce a geographically diversified portfolio with strong cash flows which, when combined with experienced management, will provide future ongoing cash flow and value growth opportunities for Unitholders.

LREIT commenced trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on October 30, 2006, following a four year listing on the TSX Venture Exchange. The first property acquisition of LREIT is an office/retail development in Winnipeg, Manitoba, known as the “Kenaston Property”.