Charles K. Loewen

Trustee and Chairman

Mr. Loewen is a leading authority in Canada on Internet business strategies and solutions. His vision as an entrepreneur and an information technology expert has thrust his company to the forefront of creative design and technical innovation in the industry. Three times named Canada's Entrepreneur of the Year - Prairie Region Finalist by The National Post, Mr. Loewen is frequently invited to speak to the business community about Internet business strategies and e-commerce solutions.

Mr. Loewen is the Founder of Online Business Systems, and also holds the positions of Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba and is a member of the Premier's Economic Advisory Council. Mr. Loewen has served on numerous other boards in Manitoba, including Centre Venture Development Corporation, the Economic and Innovation Technology Council, the Red River College Computer Programmer Advisory Board, the United Way Board of Directors in Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba Development Council.
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